The Potting Shed @ onform 18

onform sculpture exhibition 2018 was busier and better than ever and we were thrilled to be involved in celebrating the showcase for contemporary sculpture in stone in the gardens of Asthall Manor -  creating summer dishes inspired by ingredients from the beautiful walled garden. 

The 18th century potting shed is charmingly rustic and tables are scattered across the lawn and nestled under the ivy of the old cricket pavilion. 

The short daily menu makes the most of the garden with carefully picked herbs and leaves, courgettes, aubergine and tomatoes roasted in the wood-burning oven and bruschetta cut from the best local sourdough.  Drinks include refreshing homemade cordials and a selection of teas, perfect with a slice of gooseberry and almond cake or scone generously heaped with cream and jam. 

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For more details on the sculptors and artists and information on visiting the exhibition please visit on form 18.

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